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There are many benefits to becoming a partner with a non-profit - least of all visibility within the community. Yet, it is also a position of responsibility and integrity. To help keep things on track, collaborating with a community project THROUGH Unity Effects brings many advantages.


Unity effects provides both financial and management oversight. Unity Effects becomes embedded within the project offering financial and operational oversight from its many relationships with tried and trusted business people.


Each milestone is reported (and recorded) and serves to maintain integrity and sense of purpose from conception until completion - having established a clearly defined end goal.

Recognizing the Principal Funding Partner

As the principal partner, you can expect and receive to be placed front and center within the project community. Digital media, press releases, fund raisers and story board (video, documents, flyers etc...) will present your company as the collaborator, initiator and project lead at every opportunity.

Moving marketing dollars into community sponsorship opportunities is a viable opportunity and meets the end goals of each party - visibility, community growth and successful project completion.

Partner Request

"... successful business depends on relationship with your community - that is how to build!"

please let us know what level of sponsorship you are interested in

Project Page @ Unity Effects

  • Listed as Principal Partner

  • Website Link

(see a project page)

Project Social Media Page

  • Links to partner website

  • Frequent acknowledgements with social media posts

Fundraising & Press Releases

  • Signage at all fund raising events

  • Attribution in news and press releases

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NOTE: Partner Benefits are based upon your level of sponsorship. Not all benefits listed above are available to all levels

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